segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2008

Sometimes I drive myself nuts!

A bit tired of everything. Tired of the same musics,the same clothes, the same country, the same problems and the same other's complains. Tired of writting in Portuguese, as you may see. Sometimes I think the best thing to do is just let it go. But instead... I never let it go. 'Cause I want everything to be perfect, mainly my job, my relationships and as the time goes by I notice that's a utopian. A few days ago I realized that I'll be forever this way: a person who demands the perfection. But sometimes all I wanna do is stay at home, reading my stuff, relaxing, studying new languages. Sometimes I don't wanna grow up and I feel like I'm still a teenager.

I'm affraid of what's coming: a big step in my career. My postgraduation. I panic when I think that costs too much and I don't have enough money to pay it. Of course, my parents are going to help me and I'll keep saving some money. Boring. It's boring when you want some expensive clothes and you can't buy it. For God sake, what am I working for? Only to pay my bills? And to invest in my career? Actually, I think so. At least I think that's the answer till now. But someday it will be diferent. Someday I'll work to do what I want. 'Cause since now I'm making lots of plans. And I think you should do the same. Making plans and feelings around us are the things that keep us alive. Live the best you can. Do the best you can. And don't forget dreaming!!

4 comentários:

Madureira disse...

caçarola, que raiva que tenho da dona jô toda vez que acontece isso, viu?
(e era épol, raiva mortal).

Madureira disse...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, louco, é só afastar a preguicinha que foi tudo, não fiquei sem entender uma palavrinha sequer.
carolita espiralada.

Carol disse...

Te adoro, madureira!!!

Dani disse...

Ô, Carol... entendo perfeitamente o que tu quer dizer!!!! Especialmente, as questões profissionais. Tenho pensado mto a respeito disso... e chegado em lugar nenhum. hahahahaha
Mas, daqui a pouco, a gente acha uma saída. Tenho certeza!